Remembering the Rev. Henry J. Payden, Sr. (1923-2014), Former Member of the Wings Over Jordan Choir

Payden_Henry_J_Sr_1969 Large (1)



The Rev. Henry J. Payden, Sr. contributed much to the shaping of religious history and culture in the state of Ohio.  Rev. Payden, who passed away in December 2014, was the founding pastor of the Holy Trinity Baptist Church, the former pastor of Greater Abyssinia Baptist Church, and a member of the world famous Wings Over Jordan Choir.


After the choir’s  radio broadcasts and concert tours ended in the Post-World War II era, Rev. Payden and other former members supported the outreach and educational efforts of the Wings Over Jordan Alumni and Friends, Inc. and the Wings Over Jordan Celebration Chorus in Cleveland.  Rev. Payden was one of the first people to share his oral history narrative with the Praying Grounds Project at  Cleveland State University, and I remain grateful for his kindness and generosity.



(This 1966 image of Rev. Payden courtesy of Cleveland Memory,

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